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...the scent of mint and licorice, the blue salt of Persia, clarified butter, caramelized apples, scallops of the Pacific, chocolate and fleur de sel, buying jars of preserves and cans, collecting autographed cookbooks, picnic baskets to prepare, cooking for friends..


I think my passion for cooking was born when I was a child. I would spent hours and hours in front of my mothers pastries and cakes, waiting for that magic moment when they began to inflate. Soon I started my own magic (more or less successful) with that same curiosity to discover how ingredients transform and recipes materialize in the most delicious cuisine.

Cooking for me, is an ‘immediate form of expression’, an efficient tool of communication that allows me to get in touch directly with people and their culture. The scents and colors of the food I experience are related to many memories of my past, which gives me snap shots of time traveling.

I do not favor any kind of food in particular – everything beautiful is also good. I’m also thrilled to experience the taste of an unexpected outcome in the kitchen.

Through this blog I want to share with you my passion for cooking, and also develop and cultivate it further in company with others like me out there.



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